Soft-Story Information

What does Barringer Design LTD do for you?

The City has given “Soft-Story” building owners deadlines to complete three tasks: (1) Submit Screening form, (2) Obtain Permit and (3) Complete construction work.

Barringer Design can complete the first two tasks.

(1) Complete and Submit Screening forms
(2) Complete and Submit Plans and Calculations

What does Barringer Design LTD vs Contractor do?

Barringer Design:

  1. Generates plans of your existing structure.
  2. Engineers upgrades tailored for your building.
  3. Secures a construction permit from San Francisco Department of Building Inspection (DBI).

Your Contractor:

  1. Pays DBI for the construction permit.
  2. Completes the construction work.
  3. Schedules inspections with the City and Special Inspector/Engineering of Record.
  4. Closes the permit with DBI.

Soft-Story deadlines

sofstory deadlines

Tier Criteria

Tier 1: Residential buildings who’s tenants are under 24-hour supervised care.

Tier 2: Residential buildings with 15 or more units unless they meet criteria of Tier 1 or Tier 4.

Tier 3: Residential buildings not falling within the definition of another tier.

Tier 4: Buildings with commercial spaces on ground floor and/or buildings mapped in a liquefaction zone.

Verifying your Tier on the City Spreadsheet

Go to the City’s website and click on “Soft Story Properties List”


Download the spreadsheet and find your address and check Status and Tier.